Ambassadors and High Commissioners Bid Farewell to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

After the recent induction conducted for the Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Attachés, 12 Ambassadors and High commissioners bids farewell to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at his Tower Hill Office in Freetown.

Dr. Alie Kabba welcomed the diplomats to the Ministry and told them that they all have unique responsibilities to serve the nation as they are the face of the country in their respective missions. The minister reminded the diplomats that they were well trained and their goal must always be the promotion of Sierra Leone’s national interest. “Don’t move without guidance from the Foreign Minister and the Director General and Ambassador-At-Large, always keep in touch with your Foreign Ministry.” He added.

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Germany, Dr. M’baimba Baryoh on behalf of his colleague Diplomats thanked the Minister for his words of guidance and reassured that as Excellences they would always keep in touch. “A Diplomat shouldn’t say much but do more, we are always ready to face any challenge and be ready to handle it responsibly,” he concluded.

The Director General and Ambassador-At-Large, Mr. Paul A.S Minah wished the diplomats well and asked them to go and represent the country as they have been trained. He further stated that they must never forget their purposes of being there as Sierra Leonean’s representatives and the country should always be in their interest.

Presents were; Director of Protocol; Acting Deputy Director General, Dr. Nyuma; and Director Middle East and Asia, Mr. Witson Yankuba.