German Federal Economic Development Minister visits Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The Federal Minister of Economic Development of Germany, Gerd Muller, together with his delegation has made a maiden visit to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC), Mamadi Gobeh Kamara and discussed a range of issues that would strengthen the existing friendly relationship between the two sister countries.

In his statement, Gerd Muller expressed gratitude to the Deputy Minister for meeting with him and his delegation, adding that it was their maiden visitation to the country and that it was a two-day trip. He continued that he was excited over the fact that the Government of Sierra Leone gives premium to the principle of gender equality as it is in Germany.

Speaking on the bilateral relationship between the two countries, Gerd Muller requested the support and cooperation of the Government of Sierra Leone in bringing back Sierra Leonean immigrants/refugees who are currently based in Germany, suggesting that the identification certificate process in verifying the immigrants as citizens of Sierra Leone would be the best method to be used.

“My Government is always committed to supporting Sierra Leone. On that note, there are plans of setting up a program called “returning to new opportunities” which will help empower and improve the lives of the returnees” he said.

In her response, the Deputy Minister thanked Minister Gerd Muller and his delegation for their visit and noted that the Government of Sierra Leone is aware of the presence of Sierra Leonean immigrants in Germany, and that the Sierra Leonean Government is currently putting modalities in place to ensure the safe return of its citizens.

She maintained that MFAIC is closely working with other stakeholders like the Ministry of Social Welfare, Police and the National Civil Registration Authority (NACRA) to implement a verification program for the immigrants, adding that her Ministry has faced embarrassment in the past for accepting immigrants without doing the required background checks and verifications.

”My Ministry is very mindful of the situation, and we assure you that after the verification process, if it is proven that the immigrants are citizens of Sierra Leone, the Government will do the needful to bring them back home,” she assured.