Presentation of COVID-19 Materials and Financial Support to the Government of Sierra Leone

After assiduously mobilising financial and material support in response to the call of the government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Ambassador to Washington DC, His Excellency Abou – Bakar Sidique Wai and his Embassy staff through the Minister of Development and Economic Planning, Dr Francis Kaikai, have presented today to the Foreign Minister consignment of COVID-19 materials and financial support.

In February this year, Ambassador Abou -Bakar Sidique Wai received a request from the government of Sierra Leone soliciting support in the fight against COVID-19 in Sierra Leone. Through the diligent leadership of Ambassador Abou -Bakar Sidique Wai, Sierra Leone’s diaspora community in the USA and other good friends have donated 1 Forty feet container of COVID-19 materials. These items include two respirators that cost US$1.5million, five Respirators from Argentina, 22000 Face Masks, and financial support of US$50,000.

Ambassador Abou-Bakar Sidique Wai and staff put together a Task Force upon receipt of the request from the government of Sierra Leone. The responsibility of this task force was to oversee the mobilisation of donations that the country direly needs to fight the pandemic. The Task Force was headed by Dr Michael Rogers, who brought together credible board members in ensuring accountability and transparency.

With the United States recording the highest infection rate globally and its economy stagnated, Ambassador Abou -Bakar Sidique Wai and the team were able to reach out to the Sierra Leonean diaspora. According to Ambassador Abou-Bakar Sidique Wai, well-wishers responded generously.

“My staff worked overtime and contributed resources, and together, we are presenting this token to the government of Sierra Leone from the support of the Sierra Leone diaspora community”. Ambassador Abou-Bakar Sidique Wai noted that he appreciates the Sierra Leone embassy staff for rising to the occasion.

In his presentation of the donations at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC, Dr Francis Kaikai showered appreciation on the Embassy for positively responding to the call of the government of Sierra Leone at a very critical moment. “We are delighted to participate in this event, and I sincerely acknowledge the efforts of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and friends of Sierra Leone”.

“The exercise was very transparent with accountability exhibited,” Dr Kaikai said. Dr Francis Kaikai notably recognised Dr Judy Kuriasky for his support towards fundraising and materials donated for the fight against COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.

On behalf of the government of Sierra Leone, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabeela Tunis expressed that the donation will go a long way in supporting and enhancing the government’s effort against the pandemic. “The accountability and transparency manifested by the Ambassador, staff of the Embassy,  and the COVID -19 Task Force in the USA will motivate other Sierra Leoneans”, she stated. Mrs Nabeela Tunis commended the leadership demonstrated by Ambassador Abou-Bakar Wai and the entire Embassy staff for mobilising Sierra Leoneans to support their country.

The Minister emphasised the government’s gratitude to the COVID-19 Task Force in the USA for the amount of time and effort dispensed to harness support. She concluded by sympathising with all Sierra Leoneans that had lost their loved ones during the pandemic.


The team at NACOVERC closely worked with the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC and the COVID-19 Task Force -the USA in making the project a success.



PEL Koroma

Information Attache – Washington DC



(Embassy of Sierra Leone- 1701 19th Street, N.W, Washington, DC, 20009)