New Foreign Minister meets with members of the diplomatic corps

Minister Professor David Francis Holds First Engagement with Members of the Diplomatic Corp

Lebanon Charge d’Affairs, Mr Hadi Jaber Bids Farewell to Salone Foreign Minister

Press Release

The newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Prof. David J. Francis on Friday 7th May, 2021 held his maiden Engagement with members of the Diplomatic Corps in Sierra Leone at the Ministry’s main Conference Hall, Tower Hill, Freetown.

In her opening remarks, the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Madam Mamadi Gobeh Kamara expressed sincere appreciation to members of the Diplomatic Corp for honouring the invite in the spirit of good neighborliness, camaraderie and the friendship ties that have characterized the bond between Sierra Leone and the Diplomatic Corps.

The Deputy Minister commended the Diplomatic Missions in Sierra Loene for their immense contributions in the fight to combat the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Speaking on the issue of collaboration, Madam Mamadi Gobeh Kamara, echoed the enthralling essence for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to collaborate with the Diplomatic Community to share experience in various sectors.

She reaffirmed the importance of strengthening and deepening bilateral and multilateral relationship through enduring technical cooperation agreements and joint Commissions for Cooperation.

She concluded by assuring Members of the Diplomatic Corps of the cooperation of the new leadership at all times.

Speaking on the purpose of the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Prof. David J. Francis, apprised the envoys about a new shift in Sierra Leone’s Foreign Policy approach from Economic Diplomacy to Development Diplomacy.

This change, he said, has come as a result of the global crisis and its impact on the ‘New Direction’ Government which required a fundamental shift in the Foreign Policy approach and diplomatic posture of Sierra Leone to strategically position the country to convert and leverage the global challenges into unique opportunities for the ‘New Direction’ Government.

The shift, Prof. Francis said is based on the simple fact that economic diplomacy is only one form of diplomacy which include among others public, political, military vaccine, health diplomacies, and that it is not an end in itself, but a mean to an end, that end being is development/sustainable development in all its forms.

He added that the shift to Development Diplomacy is motivated by an increasingly diminishing global appetite for development assistance and foreign aid. A trend he said that had been necessitated by donor promotion of the concept of Trading out of Poverty’ ; the global COVID-19 pandemic and the international economic and financial crisis and, the attendant devastating impact on foreign aid to least developed and low income countries.

The Minister emphasized that the Diplomacy posture aims at to achieving Sierra Leone’s Development priorities and aspirations outlined in the Mid-term National Development Plan; the Human Capital Development flagship programme and the SLPP People’s Manifesto Commitment and that at the core of the new Development Diplomacy, is also the primary focus on Trade & Investment in all of Sierra Leone’s bilateral and multilateral foreign relations and diplomatic exchanges.

This, he said would increase Foreign Direct Investments, improve exports and support the President’s flagship Human Capital Development flagship programme, the Mid-term National Development Plan and the SLPP Manifesto commitments.

The Foreign Minister maintained that, central to the new Development Diplomacy, Trade and Investment Foreign Policy approach, is the deliberate and purposive choice to transform the country’s economy and achieve Middle-Income development status by tapping into opportunities around the world that will support & increase mutually beneficial economic and development relations in the country’s diplomatic exchanges.

He said, as a strategic priority, the Trade & Investment Development Diplomacy would promote in-country beneficiation and value-addition in all trade and investments opportunities attracted into Sierra Leone.

Ideologically, he said the new Development Diplomacy is about national respect and pride, about empowerment and ownership of the country’s Foreign Policy and Development destiny.

He concluded that, in the quest for the new Development Diplomacy Foreign Policy approach, Sierra Leone would continue to promote and positively work with traditional diplomatic friends and relations, as well as new and emerging partners within the context of the new framework to the pursuit of Sierra Leone’s Permanent interests that would protect and preserve the core national values with a primary focus on development.

Adding that this way, Sierra Leone would build a strong and credible Partnership for Development in all of her diplomatic relations.




Alimatu Fofanah

Head of Section Media and Public Relations Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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Diplomatic Corps in Sierra Leone Donates Items for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Diplomatic Corps in Sierra Leone donates to EOC

Press Release

A cross section of members of the Diplomatic Corps in Sierra Leone on Wednesday, 8th April, 2020 presented a list of donated items for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) through the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis.

Presenting the list of items to the Minister on behalf of his colleagues at a ceremony held at the Director’s Conference Room of the Ministry, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, His Excellency, Dr. Habiss Ibrahim Ugbada, High Commissioner of Nigeria to Sierra Leone, said they were presenting the items to the EOC to show solidarity with the Government and people of Sierra Leone.

High Commissioner Dr. Ugbada re-assured the Minister that as partners in development, the Government and people of Sierra Leone are not alone in the fight to combat the deadly scourge in the country. He said they would continue to partner with the Government of Sierra Leone in achieving the desired development goals of the ‘New Direction’ under the administration of His Excellency President, Dr. Julius Maada Bio.

Receiving the list of donated items, Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis thanked the Diplomats for their unwavering support to the EOC, Government and people of Sierra Leone during this crucial times. She stated that irrespective of the global spread of the COVID- 19 which has overwhelmed every nation in the world, the Diplomats have come together to support the country by donating such items. This, she maintained, exhibited the kind of relationship Sierra Leone has established with them which has transcended beyond boundaries.

Also, she updated the gathering that Sierra Leone has registered seven (7) confirmed cases with no loss of lives, adding that the Government of His Excellency President Julies Maada Bio is working hard to curtail the spread of the deadly virus in the country.

She called on the Diplomatic Community in Sierra Leone to work together in combating the pandemic in the world.

The list included 55 buckets, 44 packets of tissue, 37 rolls of toilet roll, 2 Cartoons of Dettol, 12 Cartoons of Hand wash soaps, 276 packs of water, 14 ½ Cartoons of Laundry soap, 15 Gallons of Bleach soap, Hand sanitizer, 1 Cartoon Hand Glove, 7 Cartoons of Liquid Dettol soap and provisions.

The ceremony was attended by all the Directors of Ministry.


(MFAIC Press Office Freetown)