The Embassy of Cuba Commemorates 65th National Rebellion Day

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, Dr. Alie Kabba, at the weekend said, the government of His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio strongly considers Cuba as a partner in promoting free and quality education, affordable healthcare system and better living standard for all.

Dr. Alie Kabba made this disclosure whilst delivering his special address to mark the 65th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution (National Rebellion Day) at the Family Kingdom Resort, Aberdeen, Freetown.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in his special message whilst congratulating the Cubans on this memorable event, underscored the significance of this huge historical event which explained the collective achievements that brought both social and political progress for all Cubans.

On behalf of the Government and People of Sierra Leone, Dr. Alie Kabba expressed thanks and appreciation to the Cuban government and its people for responding to Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis and mudslide incidents. “The people of Sierra Leone are grateful for the manner in which Cuba responded to the Ebola crisis…when other countries were concerned with protection of their borders, hundreds of Cuban medical doctors had to put their lives on arm’s way to stand with the people of Sierra Leone in fighting the Ebola virus”, he added.

Dr. Alie Kabba also highlighted the long standing bilateral relations between Cuba and Sierra Leone that has spanned for over 40 years, noting that both countries have deep rooted historical connections which could be traced as far back as the pre-colonial era. ‘Anthropological research has traced the origin of some of the Cuban songs and dancing styles to Upper Banta Chiefdom in Sierra Leone’, he said.

Dr. Alie Kabba furthered that the close bilateral relations between Sierra Leone and Cuba have been manifested in the field of medicine, engineering, and agriculture among others, through the awards of scholarships to deserving youth who desire to advance their education in Cuba. “We will continue to support Cuba and also ensure that we collaborate in the international arena as we have always done; we will not relent in our collective aspirations for a just and peaceful world”, Dr. Alie Kabba concluded.

The Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Cuba, Mr. Leonel Lazo Montalvo, expressed appreciation to the people of the Republic of Sierra Leone adding that his people are looking forward to a long lasting bilateral and international relations between the two countries. We are willing and ready to work with the New Direction Government to enhance quality health care system and a better education for all, he added. “Today we are proud to share the maxim that: Fidel’s thought has never been more alive when expressing: whoever is not capable of fighting for others, will never be capable enough to fight for himself”, he concluded.