China Grants Sierra Leone 13M USD

MFAIC Building, Tower Hill Freetown, 29th November 2023

In an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement Between the Government of The People’s Republic of China and The Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Chinese Government has granted the sum of 100 million RMB Yuan (an equivalent of $13m) to the Government and the people of Sierra Leone. The grant agreement was signed Wednesday, November 29 by the Republic of Sierra Leone’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Musa Timothy Kabba, and the Peoples Republic of China’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone, H.E. Wang Qing at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Tower Hill, Freetown.

With a view to further deepen the friendly relations, economic and technical cooperation between the two countries, the agreement aims to support the economic and social development of Sierra Leone.

Ambassador Wang Qing recalled that China and Sierra Leone have a long-standing relationship and that in recent years, the two countries have together continuously enhanced geo-political mutual trust and achieved fruitful results in practical cooperation and related closely in international affairs. The signing of the agreement on Wednesday, was another practical demonstration by China to support the economic and social development of Sierra Leone, the ambassador said. He said China was willing to take the opportunity to implement the important consensus of the two heads of state and promote the continuous development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Sierra Leone to benefit the people of both countries.

Minister Kabba expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of President Bio, to the Chinese Government and people for their long-term valuable assistance to Sierra Leone. The Minister said that the signing of the agreement was symbolic of the strong friendship between the two countries. He said the grant would help advance President Bio’s second-term governance agenda of the BIG FIVE GAME CHANGERs and that Sierra Leone would work with China to deepen the friendly cooperation between the two Great Nations.