At The Opening of ECOSOCC Training of Trainers Session… Foreign Affairs Minister Calls On CSOs To Be Ambassadors of the AU Peace and Security Architecture

Sierra Palms Hotel, Aberdeen Freetown-30th October 2023

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs, Musa Timothy Kabba has called on Civil Society Organizations to be Ambassadors of the African Union Peace and Security Architecture.
Minister Kabba made the call during the opening session of a three-day Training of Trainers program organized by the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) for Civil Society Organizations on Information gathering, conflict analysis, and Early Warning Response at the Sierra Palms Hotel in Aberdeen Freetown.

The Foreign Affairs Minister described the event as a step in deepening CSO’s understanding of political context and also an opportunity to learn how to generate evidence that will inform political decisions through conflict analysis. This he said will intensify the collective actions of both the Government and CSOs in protecting democracy from sliding into tyranny.

“Let me express my gratitude to the ECSOCC Leadership for choosing Sierra Leone to host this Training of Trainers program for Civil Society Organizations on Information Gathering, Conflict Analysis, and Early Warning/ Response under the EU-APSA IV Programme.

It is a privileged moment for me and for those who don’t know, a couple of years ago that I was actively engaged with ECOSOCC so, I am honored to welcome my civil society family home. It is time for the continent to recognize that we have a common problem and we can either have a common solution or no solution at all; this is a message that I also want to convey to my colleagues at the Executive Council when I get to meet with them but also to all Civil Society actors on the continent,” he said.
Minister Kabba reiterated the significance of the event as it underscores the shared commitment of our great continent, Africa to achieving peace, security, and stability.
“The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) serves as the cornerstone of our collective efforts to ensure a peaceful and secured continent. Within APSA, the Continent Early Warning System (CEWS) plays a pivotal role, allowing us to promptly identify potential conflict triggers and respond swiftly to mitigate conflicts across Africa,” the Minister said while underscoring the importance of the ECOSOCC training to empower and enhance the capacity of CSOs in information gathering, conflict analysis, and early warning/response.

The Minister urged participants to see the training as an opportunity to strengthen the collective role of government and CSOs’ to ensure peace, security, and stability across the African continent.
“Together, we can build a better future for our nations, our people, and our beloved continent,” he added.
The three-day ECOSOCC training of Trainers seeks to empower CSOs on the continent’s early warning systems, covering their components, operations, and functions, highlighting its essential role within the APSA framework.

They will also be trained in the components that underpin the effectiveness of Early Warning Systems, unpacking the various methods and sources for data collection, and the intricate analytical processes that transform these data into practical recommendations.