Minister of Foreign Affairs Attends Chinese film Festival

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Dr. Alie Kabba Thursday, 21st February, 2019 attended the annual opening ceremony of the Chinese Film Festival at the Bintumani Hotel, Aberdeen, Freetown.

In his statement marking the opening of the event, the Minister told the audience that, the event should be perceived as a way of establishing synergies between Sierra Leone and China and also as providing the conducive atmosphere for Sierra Leone’s Film Industry to tap from the expertise and technology of the Chines Film industry.

Dr. Kabba described filming as an art that do not only entertain but educate and inform nationals of a country on relevant issues.

Films, he said, help promote cultures and civilizations, improve human capacity, create employment and empowerment of especially the youth and that it could be a driver for economic gains.

The development of Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry, Minister Kabba said is pivotal to the ‘New Direction’ Government’s national development priorities.

He maintained that, the film industry in the country is grappling with serious challenges and that the Government through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is making frantic efforts to ameliorate those challenges in order to bring the industry to an enviable standard.

He reiterated that, irrespective of those challenges, the country’s Film Industry has tried to produce movies that have made some considerable impact in the region.

He expressed hope for a stronger cooperation in the industry to help facilitate the transfer of expertise and technology to improve the country’s Film Industry and to bring it to an international standard.

Welcoming the audience earlier on behalf of Ambassador Wu Peng, the Deputy Chief of Mission, embassy of the People’s republic of China in Sierra Leone, Xinmin Wang expressed his heartfelt thanks to all for joining them to celebrate the 2019 Chinese Film Festival.

Civilization Mr. Wang said will always become richer and more colorful through exchanges and mutual learning from each other.

He said a cultural event like the Chinese Film Festival, facilitated direct exchanges and dialogues among civilizations and people.

Speaking on the importance of Film, he said film is an art for the entire human race as it showcases different civilizations and cultures.

Film he went on to describe, is a treasure for human being and that it is a global language that transcend races and cultures, deepen understanding among nations and harmonized different civilizations.